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Accounts Preparation




Preparing accounts, for internal and external reporting purposes, is our core discipline. This process can begin from a bag of invoices and bank statements, or fully reconciled computerised data being e-mailed to our office, or anywhere in between.

Although the primary aim of such accounts is to report the performance and financial position to the stakeholders of a business, we can also advise you during this exercise on the following other factors:

  • The resulting taxation consequences
  • The view the accounts present to bankers, potential investors, credit rating agencies, your competition
  • Industry standards for the accounting policies followed to prepare these accounts


Wherever possible and appropriate, we advise corporate clients to prepare abbreviated accounts, to file on the public record at the Companies office, to keep the amount of information circulating in the public domain to a minimum.

All our accounts can be produced in a format which can be saved as an electronic document. This has the obvious advantages of allowing clients to produce as many copies of these accounts as they require and this enables them to e-mail their accounts to interested parties, as appropriate.

As well as preparing the accounts, we offer a tailored assurance service, at a level less than that of a full audit. This gives stakeholders the accounting assurances they value, without the cost and disruption of a full audit.

Income Tax
  • Preliminary Tax payment for 2004  -  Due Before 31 October 2004
  • Pay Balance of Tax for 2003  -  Due Before 31 October 2004
  • File personal Tax return for 2003  -  Due Before 31 October 2004


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